Blogs & Social Media


Blogs (web logs) are not just for individuals and publishers. Today, many companies use blogs as a new channel to communicate their expertise in a particular field, product or service. This method of communication allows customers and prospects to gain more in-depth insight into the company and develop a sense of connection and trust. One of the biggest benefits of a blog is in strengthening your company's reputation and brand. This in turn can increase the number of potential prospects for your product or service and strengthen loyalty among existing customers.

If you are considering adding a blog to your company's web site, NetSalient can help. We can create a custom blog design or we can seamlessly integrate a blog that mirrors your current web design. Please contact us for more information about creating a blog for your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a trend that is rapidly growing with the popularity of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Businesses have recognized the power of social networks as a means to quickly and inexpensively reach a much larger audience for their products or services. One of the most obvious options in SMM is to create a Facebook Fan Page for your company. Fan pages are free to create and are automatically indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. These pages allow you to be creative and build a sense of community around your company or product. Another popular SMM option is to create a Twitter account. Twitter allows you to post or "tweet" short (140 character) messages about any topic and your followers on Twitter will be instantly notified. Twitter allows you to quickly communicate with people who have expressed interest in your company or product. It also promotes "retweets", meaning that your followers can resend or share your "tweet" with their own followers and contacts. This interconnectedness can become viral, helping to spread your message faster than you may have ever thought possible.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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